January 9, 2018

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He Was a Local Legend

January 9, 2018

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Modern Memories

November 16, 2016

I've been quite lucky to have been born and raised in Caledonia. My parents, Daniel and Leila too, were both Caledonia kids, and so, I was doubly lucky to have been born into a family with some 'roots' to Caledonia's history.


Growing up, my mother worked for the Grand River Sachem and, before I was old enough to attend school, I followed along to many of her assignments. I met many important Caledonia people during this time, and benefited greatly from my mother's relationships with them later on. As a family, we attended many of Caledonia's special events- The Golden Horseshoe Steam Show, Light Up Night, Canada Day fireworks, and of course, Caledonia Fair. It was at Canada Day fireworks, sprawled out in front of the Mill, that my Dad would delight us kids with stories of ghostly happenings.


My childhood was like most others- but my family 'roots' to Caledonia made me appreciate the community more and more as I matured. By the time I was in sixth grade at Notre Dame Catholic School, I was beginning to voluntarily involve myself in many community activities. I was soon hooked.


 It was all I could do to keep up on my intake of Caledonia's history, while volunteering for various local organizations, and staying on top of homework- but it was doable. As I began to absorb more and more of Caledonia's history- from wonderful people like Barbara Martindale, Fred Thompson, Douglas Scott, and Vickie Peart- I fell into research-mode to bring myself to their level of knowledge, if only on one individual subject. My choice was the Caledonia Mill, soon branching out to be the Caledonia Mill(s).


Though I am only in my twenties, I think it important to begin to write my memories, and to talk of different present-day happening as they relate to Caledonia's broader history. Les Richardson, Douglas Scott, and countless others were quick to write that historians before them had died, taking with them much information from their memories that will never be recovered. They, also have now died, leaving more still unknown.


This weekly posting will (hopefully) interest those currently, or once residing, in Caledonia- and will (again hopefully) bring about some conversation about life here from the 1990s to the present. After all, yesterday is as much history as 100 years ago.


Ian's posts will become active each Wednesday


Monday- Leslie T. Richardson: Memories & Other Stories

Wednesday- Ian D. Thompson: Modern Memories

Friday- Barbara A. Martindale: For What It's Worth

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